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For what purpose a Bijou bottle is used in Labs?

Bijou bottles are commonly used for the storage and handling of small quantities of liquid substances. These bottles are typically made of glass and have a capacity in few milliliters. Here are some specific purposes for which these bottles are used in labs:

Sample storage: Bijou bottles are often used to store small volumes of liquid samples, such as chemical reagents, solvents, or biological specimens. The bottles provide a secure and airtight container to prevent contamination or evaporation of the sample.

Dilution or mixing: Bijou bottles can be used for diluting concentrated solutions or for mixing small volumes of liquids. The bottles are convenient for this purpose because they are small and easy to handle, allowing precise measurement and controlled mixing.

Biological cultures: In microbiology and tissue culture work, these bottles are used to grow small-scale cultures of microorganisms or cells. The bottles provide a suitable environment for the growth and maintenance of biological samples.

Dispensing liquids: Bijou bottles with a dropper cap or a pipette tip can be used for dispensing liquids in a controlled manner. This is useful for adding small volumes of liquids to reaction mixtures or for precise dosing during experiments.

Transport and labeling: Bijou bottles are also commonly used for transporting small quantities of liquids between different areas of a laboratory or between different laboratories. The bottles can be securely sealed to prevent leaks and can be easily labeled to ensure proper identification of the contents.

Overall, bijou media bottles are versatile containers that find various applications in laboratory work, particularly when handling small volumes of liquid substances.