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Sphereical Lenses
Spherical lenses range include Achromatic Lenses, Aspherical Lenses, Concave Lenses, Convex Lenses, Cylindrical Lenses, Meniscus Lenses, Photo Enlarger Lenses, Photography Lenses and Triplet Lenses. Available in both precision and commercial grade to meet a wide range of specific applications.

Right-angle prism is the most common type of prisms. It is used to re-direct a beam of light at 90 degrees from the incident direction or used as a 180 beam retro-reflector. They are often coated with various optical coatings to form cubic beam splitters and color separation cubes used in various projection systems. High transmission can be achieved, using the hypotenuse face in total internal reflection (TIR), with an antireflection coating on the entrance and exit faces. The various types of prisms available are Penta Prism, Beam Splitter Penta Prism, Corner Cube, Dove Prism, Dispersive Prism, Equilateral Prism, Anamorphic Prism, Wedge.

Cylindrical Lenses
Range of Cylindrical Lenses offered by us includes two types of lenses i.e. Plano Convex Cylindrical Lenses for line imaging or uni-axial magnification in a wide range of applications and Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses providing uni-axial negative imaging for anamorphic beam expansion and a wide range of applications.

Beam Splitters
The polarizing cube Beam Splitters split randomly polarized beams into two orthogonal, linearly polarized components: S-polarized light is reflected at a 90° angle while P-polarized light is transmitted. Each Polarizing Beam Splitters consists of a pair of precision high tolerance right angle prisms cemented together with a dielectric coating on the hypotenuse of one of the prisms. A multi-layer antireflective coating can be applied to each face of the Beam Splitter in order to produce maximum transmission efficiency.

Optical Windows
Optical Glass Windows are used for protecting fragile optical components inside an assembly. AR coated BK7 glass window is the most common type. They have good performance over visible and near infrared wavelength region. We also offer fused silica windows and sapphire windows for wider spectral region and harsher environment. BK7 window is the lowest cost type of all three.

Reflectiors and Mirrors
A mirror is an object with a surface that has good secular reflection i.e. it is smooth enough to form an image. The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface. Curved mirror are also used, to produce magnified or diminished images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image. Its surfaces can be coated by Aluminum or Silver or Gold.

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