Our range of caps and closures can be used for many functions in the laboratory and is comparable to any international brand. Please contact us if you can't find what you are looking for as the list below doesn't cover our full range.
essco glass tubular vials screw neck Thermoplastic Closures (Polypropylene, Polyethylene)
Thermoplastic closures are known for good impact strength, cost effectiveness, and pliability. Polypropylene is autoclavable but is less suitable for freezing temperatures where it can become brittle. Polyethylene is not autoclavable but it is best for option freezing temperatures. Polypropylene is widely used for all type of RO, Tamper Evident, Child Resistent caps with one-piece foamed universal heat induction foil for inner sealing. Polyethylene is used mainly for liners and inserts for higher flexibilty and lower costs.

essco glass tubular vials screw neck Thermoset Closures (Urea, Phenolic, Melamine)
These caps are known for providing the widest range of chemical compatibility and for being the most temperature tolerant of plastic closures. They also provide the most consistent adherence to close dimensional tolerances. Ideal for pharmaceutical applications. Thermoset closures cannot be remelted after they are formed. Common resins include urea, phenolic, and melamine.

essco glass tubular vials crimp neck Metal Closures (Steel, Aluminum)
Metal caps offer the widest range of temperature tolerances and are very resistant to fracture from impact. Metal caps are great for industrial and food applications. A metal closure is manufactured from either steel (coated with anti-corrosive coating of either chromeplate or tinplate) or aluminum. Available in both contineous thread and tamper evident styles in all standard sizes.

Vial Crimping Tool Vial Crimping and De-Crimping Tools
Used to crimp and de-crimp vials in one quick easy motion. Built-in adjustable stop allows the user to repeatedly achieve an optimum seal. Solid construction, combined with quality components manufactured to precise tolerances for consistent and dependable performance. Made from rust proof Stainless Stee as well as powder coated mild steel. Available for 20mm, 13mm and 11mm crimp seals.

essco glass molded vials crimp neck Aluminum Flip Off Seals (Crimp Top Caps)
Aluminum seals for crimp top vials are available in Flip Off, Flip-Off-Tear Off (FTR), Centre-Tear-Off, Complete-Tear-Off types and in neck sizes 13mm, 20mm and 32mm. Vial capping and decapping tools are also available.

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essco glass molded vials screw neck Rubber Stoppers (Septa)
These Rubber stoppers are usually made from bromobutyl, chlorobutyl and silicone materials and are available in sizes 13mm, 20mm and 32mm. Customised stoppers can also be made in other materials like Latex, Chloroprene, SBR, PBR etc. Also available Lyophilization (Freeze Drying) and Ready For Sterile (RFS) Rubber Stoppers.

essco glass molded vials screw neck Rubber Wads
Rubber wads are usually avaiable in sizes 22mm, 25mm, 28mm but can be custom produced in different combination materials. These wads also available in Cork and Butyle.

essco glass tubular vials screw neck Tapered Cork Stopper
Tapered corks are an excellent choice for sealing or stopping openings in a wide variety of applications. They are effective for both liquid and solid mediums. The light weight, resilience and compressibility of the corks are a few of the outstanding qualities. Cork stoppers are chemically inert and are moisture resistant. All tapered cork sizes are available in either natural or composition cork varieties in all standard sizes.
Tapered solid natural and neoprene rubber stoppers also available with one and two holes.

essco glass tubular vials screw neck Dispensers
Available in various sizes, shapes and materials. We can also custom produce these dispensing caps as per required specifications.