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  • Crafted from high-quality, flexible material, Parafilm Tape provides an airtight and moisture-resistant seal that ensures the integrity of your experiments and samples.
  • With its self-adhesive nature, Parafilm Tape adheres effortlessly to various surfaces, enabling quick and hassle-free sealing. Simply stretch, wrap, and press for a secure closure.
  • Parafilm Tape can be easily stretched and molded to fit any shape or size, making it ideal for sealing test tubes, flasks, petri dishes, and more, while accommodating irregular contours.
  • The translucent nature of Parafilm Tape allows for visual monitoring of enclosed samples without compromising the seal, eliminating the need for constant openings.
  • Whether in extreme cold or high-temperature environments, Parafilm Tape maintains its sealing performance, providing reliable protection in various lab conditions.
  • 2" x 250 ft and 4" x 125 ft
  • Parafilm M Dispensers made of ABS also available in both 2" and 4" size