Tablet Disintegration Testing Apparatus

Designed to provide highly accurate tablets and capsules disintegration test results in full compliance with current pharmacopoeial standards such as USP and IP. Two batches of six tablets can be simultaneously tested with this instrument while maintaining maximum efficiency and consistent results. Equipped with 4 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit for displaying various test parameters and 15 soft touch membrane type keys with full numeric keypad that provides a convenient interface for entering numeric values. The samples being analyzed are automatically stored in the memory in different batch and sample numbers.The instrument has the storage facility for 200 samples. It also has the facility for 20 different test setups which are retained in the memory even when the system is switched OFF. Provision has also been made for attachment of any dot matrix printer with centronics interface so that any of the stored setups/result can be printed.

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ES.10000.01901 Tablet Disintegration Testing Apparatus