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  • Test Tubes - Flat Bottom - Graduated with Interchangeable Stopper

These flat bottom graduated test tubes with interchangeable stopper are commonly used in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories for a wide range of purposes, including handling of chemical reagents, testing chemical reactions, centrifugation etc. Since these tubes are used for carrying out reactions that may be potentially hazardous, it is important to ensure that they are made of high-quality glass and are durable. Supplied with interchangeable Stopper. Available in round bottom also.

Product Code Capacity Diameter Length MOQ Stopper Request Sample Request Quote
ES.11516.00010 10 ml 17 mm 160 mm 10/19
ES.11516.00015 15 ml 19 mm 150 mm 14/23
ES.11516.00020 20 ml 19 mm 160 mm 10/19
ES.11516.00030 30 ml 25 mm 155 mm 19/26
ES.11516.00050 50 ml 25 mm 200 mm 19/26
ES.11516.00100 100 ml 34 mm 210 mm 24/29