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Hand held vial capping or crimping are ideal tools for securing aluminum seals on glass or aluminum vials. These tools are widely used in pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories for testing purposes. They can also be used for small production runs providing an output of approximately 150-250 bottles per hour. The jaws are made out of heat treated steel and provide sufficient hardness to ensure wear resistance for a prolonged period of time. The main body of the vial capper is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. De-Capper or De-Crimper tools are also same except the shape of the jaw which is designed for de-crimping purpose.

Product Code Seal Type Tool Size Tool Type MOQ Request Sample Request Quote
ES.31310.00131 Center-Tear 13 mm Crimping
ES.31310.00132 Flip-Top 13 mm Crimping
ES.31310.00201 Center-Tear 20 mm Crimping
ES.31310.00202 Flip-Top 20 mm Crimping
ES.31310.00321 Center-Tear 32 mm Crimping
ES.31310.00322 Flip-Top 32 mm Crimping