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Graduated Cylinder: A tall, narrow cylindrical container with markings indicating volume measurements. It is used for general measurements and has a wide range of volume capacities.

Volumetric Flask: A flask with a flat bottom, a long neck, and a precise volume marking etched on the neck. It is used for preparing and diluting solutions with a specific volume.

Pipette: A slender, calibrated glass tube used to measure and transfer a specific volume of liquid. It comes in various sizes, such as micropipettes, serological pipettes, and volumetric pipettes.

Burette: A long, graduated tube with a stopcock at the bottom. It is used for precise delivery of a variable volume of liquid during titrations or other analytical procedures.

Measuring Cylinder: Similar to a graduated cylinder, but with a larger base and a wider range of volume measurements. It is commonly used for rough volume measurements.

Mohr Pipette: A type of pipette with graduation marks near the tip. It is used for measuring and transferring relatively small volumes of liquid.

Ostwald-Folin Pipette: A specialized pipette used for precise measurements of small volumes, typically between 0.1 mL to 1 mL.

Beral-type Pipette: A disposable pipette commonly used in microbiology and molecular biology. It has a bulb at one end and a narrow tip at the other for transferring small volumes of liquid.

Transfer Pipette: Also known as a Pasteur pipette, it is a thin, glass pipette used for transferring small volumes of liquids by suction.

Volumetric Pipette: A precise glass pipette with a single graduation mark on the narrow stem. It is used to measure and transfer a fixed volume of liquid accurately.