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Bijou, McCartney and Universal Bottles are commonly used for the storage and handling of small quantities of liquid substances. These bottles are typically made of glass and have a capacity in few milliliters. These Bottles along with the Cap and Rubber Liner can be easily autoclaved and can even be sterilized with the Medium present inside it. Its main application is in Microbiological laboratories. Buy these bottles from Amazon  

Product Code Appx Vol Product Name Request Sample Request Quote
ES.11117.00007 7 ml 7ml (1/4 oz) Bijou Bottle
ES.11118.00014 14 ml 14ml (1/2 oz) McCartney Bottle
ES.11119.00028 28 ml 28ml (1 oz) Universal Bottle
ES.11111.00100 100 ml 100ml (3.3 oz) McCartney Bottle