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These tubular USP/EP TYPE I injection vials are formed as per international DIN/ISO 8362-1 standards. Due to their closely held tolerances and uniform wall thickness, these vials are ideal for Lyophilization and storage of other liquid pharmaceutical products. These Vials are DRY HEAT sterilized (180C° for 60min) and then sealed with MOIST HEAT sterilized (121C°/15 PSI) Rubber Stopper and Aluminum Crimp Seal in Class 1000 Clean room. Available in 2R, 4R, 6R, 10R, 15R, 20R, 30R sizes. These vials are packed in corrugated plastic trays and shrink-wrapped to reduce contamination by particulates. Buy from Amazon

Product Code Size Standard OFC Glass Color MOQ Request Sample Request Quote
ES.11619.00002 2R DIN/ISO 8362-1 4 ml Clear
ES.11619.00004 4R DIN/ISO 8362-1 6 ml Clear
ES.11619.00006 6R DIN/ISO 8362-1 10 ml Clear
ES.11619.00010 10R DIN/ISO 8362-1 13.5 ml Clear
ES.11619.00015 15R DIN/ISO 8362-1 19 ml Clear
ES.11619.00020 20R DIN/ISO 8362-1 25 ml Clear
ES.11619.00030 30R DIN/ISO 8362-1 36 ml Clear