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These chemically clean boiling tubes are mainly used in labs for heating and boiling experimentation purposes. Each tube is annealed at temperatures over 426.7°C (800°F) to increase strength and reduce breakage. Tubes feature smooth, well-rounded bot toms with no irregularities. Tops are fire polished to eliminate rough edges. Formed from 7.0 expansion tubes. Allows use at temp up to 500°C.

Product Code OFC Diameter Length Wall MOQ Request Sample Request Quote
ES.11519.01275 6 ml 12 mm 75 mm 0.6 mm
ES.11519.12100 9 ml 12 mm 100 mm 0.6 mm
ES.11519.16130 20 ml 16 mm 130 mm 0.8 mm
ES.11519.16160 25 ml 16 mm 160 mm 0.8 mm
ES.11519.18180 35 ml 18 mm 180 mm 1.0 mm
ES.11519.25150 50 ml 25 mm 150 mm 1.2 mm