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What purpose Bijou, McCartney and Universal Bottles are used for?

Bijou, McCartney, and Universal Bottles are all types of laboratory glassware used for specific purposes:

Bijou Bottle: A bijou bottle is a small, narrow-necked glass container typically used for storing small quantities of liquid chemicals or reagents in a laboratory setting. They are often used when only a small amount of a substance is needed for an experiment or when working with expensive or sensitive materials that need to be stored in small volumes.

McCartney Bottle: McCartney bottles are specialized containers used in microbiology laboratories for the collection and enumeration of bacteria and other microorganisms in water samples. They are designed to facilitate the concentration of microorganisms from a large volume of liquid into a smaller, more manageable volume for analysis. McCartney bottles typically have a wide mouth and a narrow neck, allowing for easy pouring and transfer of samples.

Universal Bottle: Universal bottles are versatile containers commonly used in laboratories for the storage and transportation of various liquids, including chemicals, solvents, and samples. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate different volumes and types of substances. Universal bottles may have screw caps or other closures to ensure a tight seal and prevent leaks or contamination. They are widely used in chemistry, biology, and other scientific disciplines for various applications, including storing reagents, media, buffers, and solutions.